Luo Miandao 羅勉道

ook: pseudonym was Zhu Feng 竹峰
periode: d. 1367


Hij schreef het commentaar Nanhua zhenjing xunben 南華真經循本 (Complying with the Original Meaning
of the Perfect Scripture of the Southern Cultural Florescence).

Jan de Meyer schrijft:
According to Luo Miandao, the Zhuangzi was misinterpreted on numerous occasions by commentators who sought to explain the text in Pure Conversation (qingtan), Chan Buddhist, or Confucian terms. What all these commentators lacked was a profound knowledge of the language and culture of the Late Zhou period, which spawned the Zhuangzi. Luo Miandao, on the other hand, claims to have succeeded in interpreting the text "in accordance with its basic purport" (xun qi benzhi), hence the term xunben in the title.
Luo Miandao's commentary does not extend to all of the Zhuangzi's chapters. Juan 28, 29, and 30 of the Nanhua zhenjing xunben limit themselves to reproducing the text of six of the Zhuangzi waipian chapters that Luo Miandao judged not to have been written by Zhuang Zhou himself. These chapters are: "Keyi", "Shanxing", "Rangwang", Daozhi". Shuojian" and ''Yufu" Apart from a few critical remarks, Luo Miandao considers these chapters unworthy of commentary.
The Nanhua zhen jing xunben exerted quite some influence on later commentators. It is, for instance, one of the five Zhuangzi commentaries quoted most often in Jiao Hong's 1487 Zhuangzi yi. The Nanhua zhenjing xunben is preserved only in the Daozang. (Schipper 2004, p680)


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