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Hoofdstuk 31. 漁父 Yu Fu - De oude visser

Thema van dit hoofdstuk

foto Lapland of Zweden

Tekstlaag: Yangisten (Graham)

"In this story the fisherman symbolises the genuine, which is identified as the true feeling, whether of joy, grief, anger, love, which is so easily submerged by Confucian ritualism. The genuine is also a Taoist concept; but, granted that Taoism never wholly repudiated the passions in the manner of Buddhism, the positive value ascribed to the passions here seems alien to the rest of the book.
The writer, whoever he may have been, is a remarkable literary innovator, who took the historic step from narrative as summary to narrative as scene almost at one bound." (p248)

Chen: “By Truth I Mean Purity and Sincerity in Their Highest Degrees”
“Yu Fu” is a hermit who has attained the dao and explains to Confucius: “By embittering his mind and exhausting his body, he imperils his true (nature).” He teaches that one should be careful in cultivating oneself and also how one should go about preserving one’s true nature; he makes every man and every object return to nature. Mainly, he expounds the idea of “preserving the truth.” (Chen p 212)

Vertalingen van de titel

foto Lapland of Zweden

NL - De oude visser
EN - The Old Fisherman (W, G, C, Z)
DE - Der alte Fischer (K)
FR - La vieux pêcheur ou La Lecon de de bienséance (L)

Korte typering inhoud paragrafen

foto Lapland of Zweden

Het hoofdstuk kent 1 paragraaf.

paragraaf I 398-405

Confucius en de oude visser

Overzicht dialogen

foto Lapland of Zweden

Het hoofdstuk kent 1 dialoog.

1. Zigong en Zilu spreken met de oude visser --> Confucius en de oude visser --> Zilu en Confucius (hst. 31-I pag. 398-405)


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THOMPSON, Kirill Ole (1998). What Is the Reason of Failure or Success? The Fisherman's Song Goes Deep into the River: Fishermen in the Zhuangzi  IN: Ames, Wandering at ease in the Zhuangzi, 1998 Hst 1. (Engels) *

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