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Informatie over 廣成子 guǎng chéng zǐ - Meester van de wijde volkomenheid

Engels (Ziporyn, Mair): Broadrange Complete
Duits (Kalinke): Meister Guangcheng
Frans (Levi): Vaste Accomplissement (Kouangtch'eng tseu).

Biografische informatie:

The Shenxian zhuan (Biographies of Spirit Immortals), one of the most important early Daoist hagiographies (biographies of saints) partially compiled
by Ge Hong (283–343 ce), includes an entry on Guang Chengzi (see Campany 2002), a figure mentioned in the Zhuangzi, the Huainanzi, and later Ge’s Baopuzi neipian (Inner Chapters of Master Embracing Simplicity; DZ 1185) (see also Little 2000: 177). Moreover, in texts such as the second-century Laozi bianhua jing (Scripture on the Transformations of Laozi; DH 79; S. 2295), Guang Chengzi became identified as an incarnation of Laojun (Lord Lao), the deified Laozi.
(bron: Komjathy , The Daoist tradition 2013, p51)

Harold Roth; what little there is seems to stem from the Zhuangzi passage [in 11-III]. Huainanzi 14, "Inquiring Words" (Quanyan) quotes several lines from the instructions section of the narrative [hst 11-III] Iin a slightly different order, but adds nothing to our knowledge of the identity of this teacher. Later Taoist sources, starting with Ko Hung's Shen Hsien chuan classify him as an immortal and some say that Guang Chengzi is simply another name for Laozi. This theory is also stated by the early Tang Taoist commentator Ch'eng Hsilanying. But since these sources are late, they can only tell us about how Guang Chengzi to be thought of in the Taoist tradition. `(Roth 1997 The Yellow Emperor's Guru p48-49)

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Overzicht dialogen

1. hst. 11-III, pag. 158-161: Meester van de Wijde Volkomenheid en de Gele Keizer

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